The foreign exchange market (Forex) is the largest and most traded market in the world. Banks, commercial companies, brokers and private traders all use it as a short and long term investment channel. Traders use online trading platforms, offered by brokers to execute their trades. In order to start trading they open accounts and deposit the amount they wish to trade with.
 Forex market is directly related to the economic, financial and political news from around the world. Every day it offers endless opportunities for high profits, as a result of the non-stop movements of the different currencies.Fellows, if you have been looking for an efficient and smart way to invest your money instead of letting it rest and lose value you are in the right place. Forex lets you leverage your investments as you wish to. If you’re looking to combine attractive investment opportunities with the most dynamic, interesting market there is today, then look no further!

So what exactly is Forex

Let’s make it simple: imagine you’re flying on a business trip from NY to Munich. After arriving at the terminal, you swap dollars for euros and just like that you execute a Forex transaction. A few days later, on your way back to NY, you exchange the remaining euros for dollars, but at a slightly different rate than the one you got first time. In your second transaction you executed an opposite action to the first and so closed a circle of buying and selling a pair of currencies.
Trade on EUR/USD

That is how Forex trading works! Simple, right?
Forex is the buying and selling of currencies. Forex transactions always include two currencies — one is purchased while the other is sold. For example, in a Forex transaction, euros (EUR) may be purchased while US dollars (USD) are sold; or Great British pounds (GBP) purchased while Japanese yen (JPY) are sold. The two currencies involved in a transaction are considered a currency pair (e.g., EUR/USD or GBP/JPY) and each pair has an exchange rate.

Imagine the 2 currencies as a couple of heavy weight boxers, fighting an endless struggle. When one of them is ahead, the other is always behind, so first one, then the other, weakens and then gets stronger again; and on it goes forever. Each currency is indicated by a 3 letter symbol (the first 2 letters are the country it represents and the third comes from its name). For example, USD indicates the U.S. Dollar. The most traded currencies in the market are the USdollar (USD), the euro (EUR), pound (GBP), yen (JPY) and the Swiss franc (CHF).